Siberian Crater Series Completion

Well, at least for now. My goal was to finish all six of these this summer before school starts again (in 2 weeks!). I would like to keep adding to these, and at least double the number, if not get to a nice round number like 20. Here are the last two, plus a shot of all six together in a sloppy configuration in the studio. 

Cristi Rinklin
Summer 2018: The Siberian Crater paintings, in progress

These are new paintings I've been working on this summer. I'm still working on the MTR series,  but as I was doing Google searches for "cracks in the earth" I came across images of the mysterious Siberian craters that have shown up in recent years. Here's a link to an article that offers an explanation of what is causing these holes: (hint, it's climate change).
These new paintings are very experimental and involve a lot of pouring of wet acrylic, which dries in these bubbly patterns that mimic the tundra and crusty surface around the craters. They've been very rewarding to work on, despite the disturbing topic. They're 20" x 20", and there will be six of them for now, but I'd like to keep adding to the series. I've been posting these to my Instagram site as well, so follow me @cristirinklin_studio to see works in progress and more. 

Cristi Rinklin